Program Management

Are you managing your program, or is it managing you?

NMR Consulting takes a comprehensive, risk-based approach towards program management. We go far deeper than the standard vulnerability assessments to accurately gauge and prioritize the threats and vulnerabilities that affect both tangible and non-tangible program assets. NMR helps today’s program managers make smart, risk-based decisions and investments, ensuring that valuable resources are deployed where they are most needed.

Complex missions, constrained resources, and stringent execution schedules have made strong program management practices crucial for survival in these turbulent times. Gone are the days when success was measured primarily by simple parameters like meeting schedules, costs, and budgets. NMR’s approach is far more qualitative – measured by innovative solutions, gained efficiencies, saved dollars, customer satisfaction, and positive public relations.

Services and Products

Operational Level

  • Small Business Utilization Solutions
  • Lifecycle Acquisition
  • RFP
  • Source Selection
  • Award
  • Document Control
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Conference Management
    • Accreditation Management
    • Vendor/Exhibitor Coordination
  • Training
  • Project Management Suite
    • Collaboration
    • Risk Management/Dependency Analysis
    • Scheduled Budgets
  • Executive Risk Seminars

Executive Level

  • Executive Risk
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Security Management
  • Crisis Management
  • EVMS


  • Security Technologies
  • PMO Suite (Microsoft SharePoint-based solution)
  • Risk Management Software (Highwire™ and RiskLink*)