Logistics Support

Wouldn’t it be nice if Logistics were logical?

From materials management to large-scale relocations, NMR Consulting removes the risk from logistics management with effective solutions that adapt to your needs, regardless of their size or complexity.

Materials Management

NMR provides full lifecycle material acquisition services through innovative approached and long-standing relationships with industry-recognized manufacturers. Throughout the entire procurement, warehousing and delivery phases, we use risk-based supply chain management to identify and reduce threats to the mission, schedule, and budget.

Relocation Management

NMR merges talented personnel with enterprising solutions to provide comprehensive management and planning for your relocation efforts. We retain a professional logistics support staff with interstate licensed trucks and equipment. Through our partner staffing center, we can tap extensive surge capabilities to meet your changing needs. From libraries to laboratories, NMR Consulting directs your move every step of the way, managing risks both seen and unseen.

Services and Products

Operational Level

  • Warehouse Management
  • Single or Multi-Phase Moves
  • Data Center Relocation
  • Complex Specialized Moves of Sensitive Equipment
    • Weapons, HAZMAT, Laboratories, Classified Materials, Libraries, etc.
  • Supply Chain Resiliency

Executive Level

  • Risk-Based Relocation/Transition Planning
    • Mission Focused
    • Inter/Intra Dependency Analysis
  • Lifecycle Acquisition Support
    • Procurement
    • Expediting
    • Materials Management


  • Relocation Management Suite
    • Collaboration, Risk Management/Dependency Analysis, Scheduled Budgets
    • Technology Neutral Integrator