At NMR Consulting, the needs of our clients come first. It is our mission to provide superior customer service and we deliver it by constantly seeking ways to improve the level and quality of service. We at NMR believe that successful business relationships are built upon successful internal relationships and we recognize that employees are the keystone to any prosperous business. By placing emphasis on the education and training of our employees, NMR ensures that a stable framework is in place for each contract. The meticulous hiring and ongoing training of our staff ensures that setting up new projects is a smooth and less time-consuming transition for the customer. We see every client encounter as an opportunity for NMR to demonstrate its commitment to excellent customer service.

By consistently exceeding client expectation, NMR has earned a 95% customer retention rate, one of the highest in the industry, and have had 100% re-compete success.

NMR’s services range from on-site help desk facilities and state-of-the-art network design to risk management and logistics support. We continue to be leaders of cutting edge IT technology by constantly investigating emerging technologies to incorporate into our networks and services. While completely customizable, our services are specifically targeted to government contracts in the defense, intelligence and health industries.

The NMR method is straightforward: As your trusted source, we will identify your needs, make it our mission to meet those needs, and deliver successful results.

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